Miro Milinkovic, P. Eng., Director of Process Engineering and Member of the Advisory Board.

Miro Milinkovic was awarded his Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Zagreb, Croatia in 1963. He took advanced courses in Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow at the University of Western Ontario in 1968-70. Since 1969, Mr. Milinkovic has been a Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario

Before launching Mirotech Inc. In 1982, Mr. Milinkovic spent 10 years with Lummus Canada, (then part of Combustion Engineering), the Canadian arm of a global engineering consulting firm, as the Manager of Business Development. At Lummus he was also engaged in process equipment engineering, conceptual plant design, sales and marketing of a variety of process equipment, and waste heat recovery systems. He is well known internationally for his expertise in CVD, FEA and process simulation techniques.

Mr. Milinkovic is member of a number of professional associations, including the Americas’ Foundation for the Advancement of Net Shape Manufacture.

He designed and built a prototype facility for the production of net nickel shapes by chemical vapour deposition and was instrumental in transforming the CVD process from a purely scientific discipline to a viable commercial process. Miro Milinkovic has been awarded three US patents in the CVD field.

Mr. Milinkovic designed and building some of the Nickel Carbonyl facilities at INCO’s refinery in Sudbury, Ontario.

He is a Director of Proteus Systems Inc, a company dedicated to energy recovery from low-grade heat technologies. He has the following patents pending: