Nanthakumar Victor Emmanuel, P. Eng., Vice President, Production

Nanthakumar Victor Emmanuel, P. Eng., Vice President, Production

Aug 2012 - Present Vice President, Operations

-Managing projects in Indonesian/USA/ Philippines

Sep 2007 Jul 2012 Director, Operations and New Technologies

-Developing CVMRs Carbonyl technology for various application such as laterite ore refining, CVMR Iodide technology for recycling Zirconium from used nuclear fuel cladding, CVMRs Carbo-Chlorine technology for Titanium/Vanadium industries.

Jul 2004- Aug 2007 Director, Business Development, CVMR Corp

-Creating market niche for CVMR specialty products, and technologies
-Project Management of various international projects (e.g. Nickel Refining Plant in China)
-Engineering Principal
-Marketing liaison for CVMRs Power Manufacturing

Mar 2002- Jun 2004 Manager, Research & Development, CVMR Inc

-Supervised several Piloting work at CVMR
-Developed new technologies for base metal and PM group metals refining.
-Design and Engineering of Pilot Plants for various clients
-Safety Coordinator (TSSA certification, HAZOP analysis)

Dec 1999- Feb 2002 Process Engineer, CVMR Inc

-Building Pilot plants
-Mass balance and Energy balance development
-Flow Sheet and P&ID development
-Operating Pilot Plants and developing SOP.


1994 1999: B.Sc. Degree in Chemical Engineering Ryerson University Toronto, ON, Canada


Recycle of Zirconium from Used Nuclear Fuel Cladding

Direct Extraction of Nickel and Iron from Laterite Ore using the Carbonyl Process


Apparatus and process for making high purity nickel
South Africa Patent ZA200703370

Purification of PGM species from mixtures thereof
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Method of treating Metalliferrous Materials
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Selective reduction of Ni, Co and Cu from a mixed metal oxide and production of activated Ni.
Uruguay Patent GB2449280

Production of ultra fine transition metal powders
Canada Patent CN1830607

Process for producing nickel carbonyl, nickel powder and use thereof
United States Patent US2004109810


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