CVMR®’s Processes and Technologies

CVMR® has unique processes, technologies and expertise in recovery, separation and refining of metals from ores, concentrates, mattes, slurries, and wastes. Its carbonyl technology is especially suited to nickel, iron, cobalt laterite deposits as well as manganese and can produce multiple products, including powders, foams, pellets, net shapes, and coatings, from the same refining process flow. The majority of these operations are conducted at atmospheric or very low pressures, at relatively low capital and operating costs, with no measurable impact on the environment.

CVMR®’s nickel carbonyl refining process is approved by the environmental monitoring branches of the governments of Ontario, Canada; Michigan, USA; Baden Württemberg, Germany; and Jilin Province, China. The process is recognized as the most environmentally friendly metal refining process by the governments of Canada and the United States.

CVMR®’s environment management systems are some of the most sensitive, with gas detection in the range 1 ppt to 1 ppb. All CVMR®'s processes are closed-loop, hermetically sealed without any effluents or pollutants.

CVMR®’s technologies produce a variety of purified metals. They are best suited to be coupled with operations where metal intermediates are introduced to the system so that they can be easily refined into high grade powders, foams and other high value products, eliminating many costly steps in the refining process.

CVMR®’s nickel, iron, cobalt refining technologies are particularly effective for laterite ores that are low grade and difficult to process. It can recover and refine those metals straight from the ore, matte or concentrate. The efficiency of the process in refining sulphide ores has been well proven over the past 100 years by various refineries around the world.

CVMR®’s processes have been selected by the US Department of Energy as the only processes that are capable of separating nickel, iron, cobalt, PGMs and other metals from radioactive contaminants. The degree of purity of the metals processed by the CVMR® methods is so high that the metals processed by CVMR® were chosen as the most suitable for the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory’s (SNO) nickel tubes and other components, used for capturing and measuring the mass of neutrinos. CVD Manufacturing Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of CVMR®, was a Sponsor, a Prime Contractor & a Supplier to the SNO Project.


CVMR® has a strong patent position protecting its proprietary technologies. Its refining equipment is designed and engineered in-house and manufactured at its subsidiary, CVD Manufacturing Inc., in Toronto and at its affiliates in Canada, US, Germany and Poland.

The increasing need for metals to be produced efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly method, reinforces the value of CVMR®’s processes and technologies. For these reasons, CVMR® has gained a leading position in metal refining and is recognized as a company offering unique and valuable solutions to the mining and metal refining industry.

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SNO Project geodesic dome from inside Measuring neutrinos' properties at super_kamiokande_neutrino.
SNO Project geodesic dome from inside
Measuring neutrinos' properties at super_kamiokande_neutrino.